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COASTLINE Financial Services Group provides working capital solutions to small and mid-sized businesses located throughout the United States.  We work closely with brokers and professional advisors to offer flexible and cost-effective funding options that allow  clients to realize their potential. 

We understand the importance of relationships and recognize that Trust and Reliability are critical factors when considering possible financial partners for yor clients.  COASTLINE is committed to providing its clients and collaborative partners with an unparalleled level of service and support.  

Unlike traditional financing sources, our flexible funding programs concentrate on the quality of your clients' accounts receivable rather than their financial history or personal credit score.  By focusing on the collateral, we're able to provide cash when your clients need it most. 

The following value-added services are included in our funding solutions:

  • Expedited credit decisions
  • Ongoing credit analysis
  • Personalized collection management
  • Same day funding for invoices received by noon
  • State of the art online access
  • Professional account management

As part of our business practices, we've adopted a policy of offering industry leading incentive compensation programs to our referral partners. If you're a broker or a   professional advisor and would like to learn more about COASTLINE's flexible funding solutions or our incentive programs, please contact us today at 305-864-6982.